Clay County Fair Information

2015 Clay County Fair Dates: September 12-20

Welcome to the Clay County 4-H/FFA Fair Information Page!

Were you looking for how to enter the Clay County Fair as an open class exhibitor instead of 4-H/FFA shows?  Visit the Clay County Fair website!

All Exhibitors

Camping Request Form (begin processing May 15)

Livestock Exhibitors


Livestock Exhibitor Checklists (necessary info please download)

Human Sciences, Communications, Clothing Exhibitors

Clay County Achievement Fair Handbook (tips and FAQ for Achievement Fair)
Clay County Exhibit Goal Sheets (optional for 3rd-5th, required 6+)  General, Food and Nutrition, Photography
Clay County Family Exhibit register-Optional
Clay County Posies in a Pail- Display Form and Information
Clay County K-3 Stuffed Animal Pet Show Entry Form
Clay County Achievement Fair Communications Entry Form
Clay County Exhibitors Only- District and County at the Fair Clothing Entry Form/Fashion Narration
Clay County Exhibitors Only-All Communications Events at the Clay County Fair Entry Form
District General Information and Schedule
For CYC's Only-District Communications & Clothing Entry Form

Iowa State Fair


2015 Clay County Post-Fair Information

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