Clay County Fair Information

2017 Clay County Fair Dates: September 9-17

Welcome to the Clay County 4-H/FFA Fair Information Page!

Were you looking for how to enter the Clay County Fair as an open class exhibitor instead of 4-H/FFA shows?  Visit the Clay County Fair website!

All Exhibitors


Livestock Exhibitors

Livestock Entry Process

Iowa 4-H Livestock Page

Clay County 4-Hers--2017 County 4-H Summary Sheet
All Other 4-Hers--2017 District 4-H Summary Sheet
4-H Staff Only--YQCA/FSQA Verification Page (1 required per county)
Clay County FFA (Sioux Central, Spencer, CCE)--2017 FFA Summary Sheet
Clay County 4-Hers Only--2017 4-H Feeder Lamb Pen Packet
Rabbit, Dog, County Horse, District Horse Entry Cards (all other entry cards requests through our office)

Livestock Exhibitor Checklists and Disclosure Forms (necessary info please download)

  • Beef Exhibitor Checklist
  • Dog Exhibitor Checklist
  • Horse Exhibitor Checklist
  • Meat Goat Exhibitor Checklist
  • Poultry Exhibitor Checklist
  • Rabbit Exhibitor Checklist
  • Sheep Exhibitor Checklist
  • Swine Exhibitor Checklist
  • FFA Swine Exhibitor Checklist

Beef, Swine, Sheep and Goat Disclosure Forms (REQUIRED at check-in)

Buyer Letter Best Practices Guide (for all youth going through an auction)

Dealing with Animal Care Questions

Human Sciences, Communications, Clothing Exhibitors

Clay County 4-H Members Only- Human Sciences Goal Sheet Best Practices
Clay County 4-H Members Only- Clay County Clothing Entry Form/Fashion Narration
Clay County 4-H Members Only-Clay County Communication Events Entry Form
Clay County 4-H Members Only-Posies in a Pail- Display Form and Information
K-3 Stuffed Animal Pet Show Entry Form and Info Sheet
District Communications Schedule
For 4-H Staff Only-District Communications & Clothing Entry Form
For 4-H Staff Only-District Communications & Clothing Information

Iowa State Fair

2016 Clay County Post-Fair Information

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