Clay County Fair 4-H and FFA Information

Clay County Fair Dates: September 12-20, 2015

General Information:

Buyer Letter Guide for Exhibitors

School Permission Slips

Achievement and Communications Fair Help Page

Camping Information (County & District) Requests processed beginning May 15th

District Communications Schedules:    

  • Share the Fun     
  • Working Exhibit   
  • Educational Presentation   
  • Pride of Iowa

Important Exhibitor Information:

  • 2014 Exhibitor Letter                        
  • 2014 Schedule At a Glance

Exhibitor Checklists:

Be sure to check all checklists for changes or updates.

Exhibitor Disclosure Forms

  • All animals must be identified in 4-H Online!
  • Please visit the Iowa 4-H Livestock page for up to date information on care, management, and other important information about showing livestock including premise ID and COOL. (COOL FORM)
  • 2014 Schedule Changes
  • 2014 General Static & Communications Rules Changes
  • 2014 Awardrobe Clothing Changes
  • 2014 Animal Department Changes
  • 4-H Online Livestock Helpsheets
  • District Communications Information

4-H & FFA Photos:

To view photos from the Clay County Fair 4-H/FFA events, please visit our photo share site.  You will have to submit an email letting us know you want to become a member.  Please include how you are related to a 4-Her and in what county they are enrolled so that we can properly approve you. 

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