Clay County 4-H Achievement & Communications Fair


Achievement Fair Handbook
Goal Sheet                                                                    Fillable Goal Sheet
Ribbon Placement Sheet
Food & Nutrition Goal Sheet                                      Fillable Food & Nutrition Goal Sheet
Photography Label (full page)                                   Fillable Photography Label (full)
Photography Label (half page)                                  Fillable Photography Label (half)
Design Elements & Art Principles (am including link to all exhibit help pages)
Harvesting & Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit
Innappropriate Food Exhibits
Preparing Cut Flowers & House Plants for Exhibit
Preserved Food Label
Pinterest Sourcing
Evaluation Forms:
Textiles & Clothing               Food & Nutrition
General 4-H                          Photography

Information for Clay County Static & Communications Judges


Communications & Clothing



Communication Opportunities include:

  • ducational Presentations: Make a presentation on a topic of your choice.
  • Share the Fun: Present a musical or artistic presentation for the fun of sharing.
  • Working Exhibit: 4-Hers will communicate and interact with an audience.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Take 30 minutes to prepare a speech on a surprise topic.
  • Pride of Iowa: The purpose of the Pride of Iowa Demonstration is to promote the use of Iowa food products in food preperation and to develop the communication skills of explaining and demonstating a recipe as a team.
Communications Evaluation Forms:


Style Show and Conference Judging Opportunities include:

  • Clothing Selection: Garments must be purchased items selected by the 4-H member.
  • Fashion Revue: Garments must be constructed by the 4-H member.
  • $15 Clothing Challenge: Click here to learn more about this event.
Clothing Help Sheet
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