Clay County 4-H

Visit the Iowa 4-H Website for information on recordkeeping, club organization, activity ideas and more!

Clay County 4-H Club Leaders


4-H Online Enrollment Page

Use this link to re-enroll or enroll in the Clay County 4-H program.


4-H Photos Page

Visit our photo share site for Clay County 4-H photos.  You will need to send us an email telling us how you are related to a 4-H member so we can accurately approve you. 

Clay County 4-H Clubs

See what clubs are in Clay County and access a list of leader names and contact information.

Clay County 4-H Youth Council

General and application information for Clay County Youth Council.

Clay County 4-H Endowment

The Clay County 4-H Endowment offers financial support to clubs, volunteers and members to participate in 4-H events, programs and projects.  Assistance is not needs-based, but instead is determined on a case-by-case process through a written application. 
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