4-H Clubs in Clay County

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What Does a 4-H Club Do?


A 4-H club elects its own officers and conducts its own business.  Most clubs meet monthly with a year-long plan for their programs.  Each meeting usually includes presentations by members.  Meetings might also include presentations by leaders, parents, or a resource person, recreation or indoor games, a family sharing night, or a field trip.


Many 4-H clubs also get involved in a variety of community service, social and fundraising projects.  The youth in each club should decide the types of projects their club will do.


The Iowa 4-H Youth Development Program is available to all persons regardless of race, color, gender, disability, or national origin.  All 4-H clubs comply with this requirement by completing a 4-H Compliance Report and keeping it on file at the County Extension Office.


image of cloverThe following Clay County 4-H community clubs offer opportunities to youth with a wide variety of interests.    Please contact club leaders to verify club meeting dates, times, and locations.

image of cloverClay County Conquistadors, Contact: Jamie O'Hearn, Jamie.OHearn@gpreinc.com

image of cloverClay Co. Countrymen, Contact: Denice Schoelerman jdscho@evertek.net

image of cloverClay Raiders,  Contact: Linda Swanson, swsnfarm@royaltelco.net; or Vicki Nehring vicki_nehring@hotmail.com

image of cloverGarfield Go Getters, Contact: Carolyn Gibson or Mary Smith

image of cloverLincoln Lions,  Contact: Justin Ball, justinball91@hotmail.com; or Lisa Schomaker, clschom@evertek.net  

image of cloverLogan Leaders, Contact: Jim Eldridge

image of cloverMeadow Busy Bee's, Contact: Julie Schwarck spenschw@pionet.net or Kristin Schwenneker                              kschwenneker@yahoo.com

image of cloverMeadow Motivators, Contact: Justin Speiker

image of cloverPeterson Livewires,  Contact: Pam Heuertz or Becky Orwig

image of cloverShooting Sports, Contact:John Frans, JKF@mchsi.comEd Sturgill; Scott Grote, s-fg@hotmail.com;  Duane Harris, dsharris@evertek.net;

image of cloverSioux Achievers, Contact: Brian & Kristi Fisher, fisherdc@smunet.net; or Peggy Halverson, odyh@yahoo.com

image of cloverSioux Valley Feeders, Contact: Beth & Randy Ripke, ripelec@evertek.net

image of cloverSpencer Inventors, Contact: Ryan & Amanda Bare  cyclone9697@yahoo.com


May I join two or more 4-H clubs?

Yes, you may join more than one club in Clay County.  Youth may join a special interest club like the shooting sports club or the fishing club and be a member of a community club.  You may also belong to two community clubs.


Only one annual 4-H fee is required per 4-H’er, regardless of the number of clubs that the 4-H’er joins.  Countywide accident insurance with American Income Life Insurance Company covers 4-H members attending regularly approved and adult supervised 4-H group activities.


If you have questions about joining multiple clubs or about the 4-H fee, contact the Clay County Extension Office at 712-262-2264.


Independent Membership


Youth in grades 4th through 12th who, for some personal or family reason, can not attend 4-H club meetings may be eligible for independent 4-H membership


 4-H Pledge

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