New Changes - Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

Iowa State University Extension has created an informational publication, 4-H 231, regarding basic information about COOL (Country of Origin Labeling). There is also an excellent website for those wanting to know more details on the Iowa Beef Center’s webpage at

What 4-Hers Need to Do:

• The Iowa COOL Coalition has come up with a simple affidavit that can work for all species of livestock (beef, sheep, swine, poultry, and goat). Country of Origin Declaration - Page 1 explains the steps needed to be taken as well as example documents that can be used for an audit trail. Page 2 is the actual affidavit.

4-Hers who raise their own livestock for their projects need to fill this affidavit out and keep it on file for a minimum of two years. In the case of an audit, 4-Hers can provide authorities with this affidavit along with other documents listed at the bottom of page 1 of the affidavit document.

4-Hers who purchase their livestock from others MUST have the producer fill out the affidavit, give it to the 4-Her, and the 4-Her should keep the affidavit on file for a minimum of two years. For example, a 4-Her goes to buy his steer from a producer. The 4-Her needs the producer (seller) to fill out and sign the affidavit.

If you have questions about COOL and how it relates to 4-H livestock or will be purchasing your market beef animals before the FSQA meetings, call Dennis DeWitt at the Dickinson County Extension Office (712-336-3488), Jerry Weiss at the Pocahontas County Extension Office (712-335-3103), or Kathy Day at the Clay County Extension Office (712-262-2264) or email .

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