Community Compassion All New for 2014!

The event “Community Compassion” at the Clay County Fairis all new for 2014!  The event will now be a Human Sciences fundraising opportunity with a citizenship and leadership focus.  This is a voluntary club event where each 4-Her can donate one static (Human Sciences) exhibit to the Community Compassion event.  All exhibits will be bid on silent-auction style in the club booths during the Clay County Fair.  Each youth may choose the opening bid amount for their item. 

Each 4-H club gets to choose one charity to sponsor.  50% of the auction proceeds will be donated to that charity and the remaining 50% will be split between the Clay County 4-H Endowment and the 4-H club.

Exhibits eligible for the auction include all still life exhibits.  No perishable items or services will be allowed.  Call 262-2264 or email our office for more information
Can I enter an exhibit that I did in previous years?
Only if you have reworked your goal and exhibit to exhibit it in this year’s fair.  Any exhibit can be updated, reworked, or added to and be exhibited again as a new exhibit in the same or a new project area, depending on the goal.  Only current year exhibits are able to be entered.
Can I enter an exhibit that I do with a friend or other club member?
Since several people have asked about this, we’ll be adding a “team or group” exhibit class for these items.  Since team or group projects in this class do not have an appropriate state fair class, these will not be able to be considered for state fair.

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