Clay County 4-Hers Steal the Spotlight at Communications Fair

Clay County 4-Hers participated in the annual 4-H Communications Fair on June 25 in the 4-H Auditorium on the Clay County Fairgrounds.  The Clay County 4-H Youth Development program supports youth grades 4-12 through project exploration in a wide variety of interest areas.  Communications Fair is a county mini-fair with an entire day of events that support skills in public speaking, demonstrations, educational presentations, performance art such as dance, theatre and demonstrative cooking.  4-Hers provided demonstrations and presentations on a wide variety of topics from a Legos Robotics Demonstration to Best Beef Practices.  “The Clay County 4-H members are doing so well taking the challenge to apply communications skills to each of their project areas.  We are seeing performances that are artistic and musical, but also projects that are an outgrowth of a previous year’s project in agriculture, visual arts, citizenship, animal science, and engineering, said Clay County Program Director, Bonnie Dalager. “I’m so glad that we can begin teaching our members that leadership, citizenship and communication can be infused into every area of their interests, hobbies and studies.” 


Clay County 4-H works with youth in these project areas through a network of over 500 adult volunteers.  Club leaders work with the kids year round and project volunteers mentor youth in specific project areas.  If you’re interested in communications or in finding out more about the 4-H program, please contact Jo Engel at 262-2264 or

The 2012 Communications Fair results are as follows with many of the talented 4-Hers being able to participate at the state level at the Iowa State Fair in August.  Clay County 4-Hers chosen for the District level will be among 4-Hers from over 20 counties participating at the Clay County Fair this September.  Volunteers are currently working to make this year’s Clay County 4-H Exhibit Building and Auditorium a fun and interactive experience; please check out www.extension/ the schedule of events.


Educational Presentations: Dayton Brugman, State Fair; Austin Crew, State Fair; Madison Schwenneker, State Fair;  Ryan Crew, State Fair;  Dayton Brugman, Cassie Day, Katrina McCarty, Sarah Nehring, Tari Knock, State Fair; Ty Schoelerman,  State Fair;  Elizabeth Heikens, District; Davin Brugman, Blue; Andrew Bare, Blue; Jacob Schomaker, Blue; Morgan Schomaker, Blue; Ryan VerMulm, Blue; Molly Crew, Participation


Share the Fun: Performance Art:  Haley Schwenneker, State Fair; Katrina McCarty, State Fair; Meadow Motivators 4-H Club, State Fair; Jordan Hansen, Kaylee Hansen, District, Lincoln Lions 4-H Club, District ; MaKayla Gee, Blue; Davin Brugman, Morgan Jensen, Blue, Sydney Jensen, Blue; Elizabeth Heikens, Blue; Bailey Dickman, Blue; Samuel Heikens, Participation; Emma Schwarck, Blue


Pride of Iowa: Cooking Demonstrations:  Emma Schwarck, District; MaKayla Gee, District; Megan Ahrendsen, District; Morgan Schomaker, District; Miranda Heisinger, Blue; Josie Heisinger, Blue


Extemporaneous Speaking:  Beth Halverson, State Fair; Brandt Roskens, State Fair, Elizabeth Heikens, Blue; Ryan Crew, Blue


Working Exhibits: Interactive Demonstrations:  Lauren Schwarck, Emma Schwarck, State Fair; Haley Schwenneker, Madison Schwenneker, MaKalyla Gee, State Fair; Elizabeth Glover, Jordan Hansen, State Fair; Morgan Schomaker, State Fair; Austin Crew, Evan Hansen, District; Kaylee Hansen, Molly Crew, Participation; Ryan VerMulm, Red; Miranda Heisinger, Josie Heisinger, Blue;


Clothing Selection: Modeling a Chosen Outfit:  Aleena Lawson, State Fair; Beth Halverson, State Fair Alternate/District; Morgan Schomaker, District; Megan Ahrendsen, District; Emma Ahrendsen, District; Molly Crew, Participation


$15 Challenge: Modeling an Outfit under $15:  Beth Halverson, State Fair; Aleena Lawson, State Fair Alternate/District; Morgan Schomaker, District; Jacob Schomaker, District; Molly Crew, Participation


Fashion Revue:  Modeling a Sewn Garment:  Dalayna Brugman. Participation


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