Clay County 4-Hers Compete at the Iowa State Fair

Clay County 4-Hers Compete at the Iowa State Fair
The 2014 Iowa State Fair, held in Des Moines, ran from August 7 through August 17 and found many 4-H youth from Clay County competing in 4-H static exhibit, clothing and communication events.  The Iowa State Fair is a great part of Iowa’s heritage and hosts an abundance of opportunities for 4-Hers and their families. 
Clay County 4-Hers did an excellent job of representing Clay County and in promoting 4-H. Clay County sent 39 static exhibits to the Iowa State Fair and received 25 blue ribbons, 11 reds, and 3 whites. "We are very proud of the personal accomplishments of 4-H participants in these project areas and the educational learning experiences that are gained," said LuAnn Johansen, Assistant Director of ISU Extension and Outreach 4-H Youth Development. “These 4-H youth have developed important life skills as they worked to achieve their goals." 
Clay County was also represented by Elizabeth Heikens, Fashion Revue and Aleena Lawson, Clothing Selection, in the 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event held on the Iowa State University campus on August 14 and 15.  These 4-Hers were evaluated on their written and oral communication skills through a written report and also in a one-on-one interview with a judge. In addition, the youth are also evaluated on their clothing and fashion goals as well as their poise and confidence while modeling their garments
Clay County 4-Hers also had the opportunity to demonstrate their communications skills in front of a fair audience receiving 5 Excellence, 3 Recognition, and 6 Merit awards. These communications skills were enjoyed during the Educational Presentation, Working Exhibit and the Share-the-Fun acts in the 4-H Exhibits Building.  "Almost any time fairgoers come into the 4-H Exhibits Building they can learn from a 4-Her participating in a communications activity," said Mitch Hoyer, program coordinator for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H Youth Development. "Effective communication means appealing to the interests of your audience." 
Special award recognition for an Outstanding Agriculture and Natural Resources Exhibit was given to Ben McClain for his exhibit, “Catching Nitrates – Can we reduce nitrate leaching?”  Ben received an award in Recognition for outstanding contribution to Soil and Water Conservation in Iowa,     4-H ANR Division.   The project was exhibited in the 4-H Exhibit Building at the Iowa State Fair along with over 300 other ANR entries.
Clay County’s Iowa State Fair Static Exhibit and Communications results are as follows:
Clay County Communications:
Abby Galm                          Extemp                              None                                 Excellence
Austin Crew                        Ed Presentation             Stealth of the Skies              Excellence
Bailey Dickman                 Ed Presentation         Science of Scaring: How           Merit
                                                                             Horror Movies Horrify
Emma Schwarck                   Ed Presentation         Summer sun:  The               Merit
                                                                                 Dangers Of it’s Beauty
Haley Schwenneker              STF                         Timber Dance – Tumbling         Recognition
Jazmine Edwards                 Ed Presentation         How to Make Gaucamole          Recognition
Jordan Hansen          Extemp                    None                                 Merit
Jordan Hansen          Working Exhibit         Aim High                            Merit
Jordan Hansen,
Kaylee Hansen                    STF                         Titanium – Dance Duet          Recognition
Kalylee Hansen,
Molly Crew                         Working Exhibit         Magic Dragonflies                 Merit
Madison Schwenneker          Ed Presentation         Cows                                 Merit
Madison Schwenneker,
Haley Schwenneker              Working Exhibit         Ranch Dip                           Excellence
Meagan Olsen,
Journey Hughes                  Working Exhibit         Bandana Bracelets                Excellence
Molly Crew                         Ed Presentation         Portrait of a Prairie Girl          Excellence
Clay County Static Exhibits:
Ty Schoelerman                             Animal Science                              Blue
Benjamin McClain                           Environment & Sustainability                      Red
Ryan Crew                                    Environment & Sustainability                      Blue
Ashley Egland                                Photography                                           Blue
Ashley Egland                                Visual Arts                                              Blue
Ayrial Schnell                                Photography                                           Blue
Caitlin Fairchild                    Photography                                           Blue
Cassie Day                                    Visual Arts                                              Red
Emma Holst                                  Photography                                           Red
Emma Holst                                  Visual Arts                                              Blue
Emma Schwarck                             Visual Arts                                              Blue
Gabriella Carpenter                        Photography                                           Red
Haley Schwenneker                        Photography                                           Blue
Lane Frederick                              Visual Arts                                              Red
Madison Sylvester                          Visual Arts                                              White
Michael Kroll                                 Visual Arts                                              Blue
Miranda Heisinger                          Visual Arts                                              Red
Nate Fisher                                   Photography                                           Red
Renee Nehring                                        Visual Arts                                              Red
Sydney Sundblad                           Photography                                           Blue
Sydney Sundblad                           Photography                                           Blue
Taylor Wiemers                             Photography                                           Blue
Abby Galm                                    Food & Nutrition                                      Blue
Abby Galm                                    Home Improvement                                 Blue
Abby Galm                                    Home Improvement                                 Blue
Benjamin McClain                           Food & Nutrition                                      Blue
Caitlin Fairchild                    Sewing & Needle Arts                               Blue
Cale Salton                                   Home Improvement                                 Red
Elisa Fisher                                   Food & Nutrition                                      Blue
Madison Schwenneker                    Sewing & Needle Arts                               Blue
Renee Nehring                                        Home Improvement                                 White
Claire Christensen                          Citizenship                                              Red
Jordan Hansen                    Self-Determined                                      Blue
Sydney Vanderhoff                         Leadership                                              Blue
Austin Crew                                  Science, Engineering & Technology             White
Dylan Behrens                               Mechanics                                               Red
Emma Meyers                               Mechanics                                               Blue
Jenna Morey                                 Woodworking                                          Blue
Madison Schwenneker                    Mechanics                                               Blue

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