4-H Youth are “Winners” in Consumer Management Skills

4-H Youth are “Winners” in Consumer Management Skills

Making decisions about what to purchase is an everyday activity that Northwest Iowa 4-Hers explored in a “District Consumer Judging” contest at the 2012 Clay County Fair.  4-Hers representing ten Northwest Iowa counties tested their consumer management skills Saturday, September 15th, 2012, weighing factors such as nutritional values, product services, price, quality and need.  They were challenged with six different consumer buying stations from calculating unit prices of nutritional snacks, to choosing digital printing services to selecting lamp and light bulbs. The 4-Hers studied class fact sheets and then were to decide the importance of selected factors when ranking four products or four methods at each judging station.  The District 4-H Consumer Judging event is sponsored by the ISU Extension 4-H Youth Program of Clay County.


Junior Division

(Individual 1st thru 10th Places)

1st                 Kelsey Jones                  Woodbury

2nd               Jessica Kratz                  Woodbury

3rd                Jacee Devries                  Lyon

4th                 Lauren Van Diepen      Osceola

5th                 Abby Bean                      Buena Vista

6th                Carli Bryan                     Clay

7th                Gabby Taylor                  Dickinson

8th               Alyssa Wassman           Osceola

9th           Natalie Jacobson           Clay

9th           Patrick McGowan          Woodbury

9th           Ethan Tanner                  Dickinson


Junior Team:

Gold                      1st           Woodbury

Silver                    2nd          Clay

Bronze                 3rd                Lyon

                              4th          Buena Vista

                             5th          Sac

                              6th          Osceola

                              7th          Plymouth

                              8th          Ida


Senior Division


(Individual 1st thru 10th Places)


1st                 Stephen Stangl             Sac

2nd                Jordan Hansen            Clay

3rd                Alyx Worrell                     Woodbury

4th           Ashley Presthus                Osceola

5th           Carli Grau                          Buena Vista

6th           Grace Rens                        Lyon

7th           Amy Stangl                         Sac

8th           Aldon Taylor                       Dickinson

9th           Grace German                   Ida

10th             Katelyn Johnson         Osceola


Senior Team:

Gold       1st           Woodbury

Silver     2nd          Osceola

Bronze  3rd          Lyon

                4th           Buena Vista

                5th           Sac

                6th           Clay

                7th           Ida



Clay County Junior Consumer Judging Team: L to R:  Nathan Pullen, Natalie Jacobson, Haley Schwenneker, Carli Bryan

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