4-H Recordkeeping

Recordkeeping 2015

Record books are due to our office by December 1st. 

Juniors will submit though their clubs.

Intermediates and Seniors can submit their books at the office or can be dropped off by their club leader if the leader chooses.  SPECIAL AWARDS are applied for by 4-Hers directly through the Extension Office.  Please use (LINK HERE) this form for submission instructions.


CLUB LEADER AWARD FORM (one from each club required)

Application for Intermediate/Senior for Special Awards

List of Forms for Member Use:

Title Page- PDF -  this usually will include a photo, name, age, grade and club information

Yearly Summary  PDF: This is the summary of your 4-H year.  There is a place to write about what activities and events you done and recognition(not just in 4-H). 

Personal Goal Sheet   Word: This is a place to record Personal Goals you want to accomplish, that are not related to projects.

Project Records: Once form is used per project, not per Exhibit.  Project Records should tell what you have learned in your project area and not just what you exhibited at fair.  Include pictures and newspaper clippings to show your accomplishments if you would like.

Basic Project Record  PDF : Juniors and those new to the project area use this

Experienced Project Record  PDF : Intermediates or those who have been in the project area a few years use this

Advanced Project Record  PDF : Seniors or those enrolled in the project area for six years or more

Market Animal Project Worksheets: Market Beef, Sheep, Swine and Meat Goat members may use one worksheet per year for each project area.



Breeding Animal Project Worksheets: Breeding Beef, Sheep, Swine and Meat Goat projects use this worksheet for each project year.



Other Project Areas: Use these worksheets for other project areas as needed.

Rabbit Worksheet PDF

Poultry Worksheet PDF

Horse and Pony PDF

Photography Worksheet PDF

Dog Worksheet PDF

Crops Worksheet PDF

Vegetable Garden Worksheet PDF

Helpful Hints:

Videos, powerpoints, etc must be submitted on a flash drive labeled with your name and club.

Three ring binders work best for a record book.

Each project area should have a divider with a tab for easy finding.

Project areas can be kept in any order by are more easily located if alphabetized.

Record books can be divided in years or project areas, however always have the most current year in the front of the book or section.

Be sure to share what you learned in each project throughout the year.

Fair goal sheets may be included but additional explanations of project area learning may be needed.

Remember to include all things you have done in project area, not just what you exhibited at fair.

Record Book Evaluation Forms:

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