4-H Project Opportunities

Clay County 4-Hers have many opportunities through school, family vacation activities, and other community organization events to explore project areas. 


We encourage 4-Hers to check out our new list of 4-H project opportunities to see if there's anything going on in the area that could possibly be a good project exploration opportunity.

Did you know that if you're enrolled in visual arts, you can take classes at other organizations and still exhibit what you've learned at the Clay County Fair? 

If the program IS NOT 4-H sponsored, follow these steps to ensure that it is eligible:

  1. Be enrolled in a corresponding project area by May 10.  Remember, the class you enter is determined by your goal.
  2. Check out the Clay County Fair Book to determine class eligibility requirements.  Some classes, like clothing selection, do require specific project entry.  Most do not.
  3. Develop a project goal prior to beginning your program. 
  4. Evaluate your progress. 

If the program IS sponsored by 4-H, simply follow steps 2-4.  It's that easy!

Remember to be creative about your goal writing and have fun exploring all the local opportunities that are available to you!

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