Survey Shows ISU Extension Should Focus on Strengthening Families

A needs assessment completed by ISU Extension and Outreach has identified the future program priorities for the organization in northeast Iowa.   The survey gathered information from Region 4, which consists of Allamakee, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard and Winneshiek counties.
The ISU Extension Needs Assessment included an online survey completed by 261 residents in Region 4.  This survey was conducted in twenty regions across the state.  ISU Extension will use the information to support planning at both the county and regional levels. 
The survey asked participants to choose which 5 of 23 issues were most important to Iowa and their community.  These top three issues were ranked by over 50 percent of respondents in northeast Iowa:  strengthening families; youth who are productive citizens and leaders; and economic development in communities. 
Increasing family financial capabilities and childhood obesity rounded out the top five for the region. 
These results were echoed in the state results as the top three issues in Region 4 were also the top three issues in the other regions across the state. 
Additional youth and agriculture issues were identified in the top ten:  STEM literacy, youth health and well-being, natural resources and environmental stewardship, and local/regional food systems. 
“The feedback from this survey indicates some of the incredible strengths that we have within our region in terms of not only programs and services but also community engagement and belonging,” said Kraig Tweed, ISU Extension Regional Director. 
“We will use this information along with other feedback mechanisms to help understand the strengths and opportunities in our region and how we can continue to work with individuals, communities and partner organizations to move forward. ”
Click here to see the Region 4 Needs Assessment Summary.

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