Farming is stressful - Extension can help

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Farming is stressful - Extension can help.

Extension staff can be resources for dealing with farm financial issues, crop issues or crop insurance, and livestock operation issues. Look here for resources and publications that can help or give us a call at 641-423-0844.

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Stress can really take a toll on individuals and families. Learning how to deal with it will make life much happier and coping with emotional ups and downs more manageable.
For help with stress, please call the Iowa Concern hotline at 1-800-447-1985. Stress counselors answer calls and listen, keeping conversations strictly confidential. Iowa Concern is a service made available through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach that has been helping Iowans since the farm crisis in 1985. The Iowa Concern website also has a live chat feature as additional way of talking with stress counselors.

News releases are located online include:

Flood recovery information

Other recommended pubs include:

ICH-7 -  Stress Testing Card w/info on the Iowa Concern Line on the backside

PM 1660A –Stress, Taking Charge

PM 1660I – Stress Taking Charge

IA Concern Line Publications:

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