2012 Iowa Master Conservationist Class Giving Back to Local Communities

Picture:  2012 North Iowa Master Conservationist class at the Fossil & Prairie Center near Rockford

Twenty-seven people from throughout north-central Iowa recently participated in the Iowa Master Conservationist class.  Master Conservationists are individuals that share an interest in the sustainability of Iowa’s natural resources and in becoming better stewards of Iowa’s resources.  Participants received over 32 hours of indoor and outdoor hands-on education led by local professionals.  Topics that were covered include wildlife diversity, prairies, woodlands, wetlands, rivers, sustainable agriculture, and energy use.  Classes took place at over a dozen locations throughout northern Iowa including Lime Creek Nature Center, Zirbel Slough, Landfill of North Iowa, Union Hills Wildlife Management Area, and the Fossil & Prairie Center. 

Master Conservationist logo

To become an Iowa Master Conservationist, participants are also asked to contribute at least 32 hours of volunteer service back to their community or county.  Here are several ways this class has already begun giving back:  1) helping with conservation education programs at Lime Creek Nature Center, 2) collecting water samples for Iowa DNR’s IOWATER program, 3) monitoring wildlife through the Iowa Nature Mapping program, and 4) picking up trash and removing invasive plants around the Willow Creek area in downtown Mason City.

This program is planned and administered by Cerro Gordo, Floyd, and Franklin County Extensions as well as Cerro Gordo and Floyd County Conservation Boards.  Sponsors include:  Ag Ventures Alliance, Viafield, Izaak Walton League, Fossil & Prairie Foundation, and Pheasants Forever.

For more information about the Iowa Master Conservationist program, please contact Rick Pleggenkuhle at the Cerro Gordo County Extension office 641-423-0844 or plegg@iastate.edu.

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