Pressure Canner Gauge Testing

Pressure Canner Gauge Testing
Gardens are being planted and produce will soon be ready for harvest.  It is time to be getting your pressure canner gauge tested to make sure it is accurate.

Pressure canners with a dial-type pressure gauge should be tested each year for accuracy.  To have a dial-gauge tested, bring the canner lid only – the entire canner is not needed.  It is not necessary to test weighted or rocker-type pressure regulators because they cannot be adjusted and will usually remain accurate.

The Cedar County Extension Office will offer pressure canner gauge testing on May 22nd from 3:00 – 5:00 pm 107 Cedar Street, Tipton.

If you are unavailable at the scheduled time but would like a canner gauge tested, you may bring the canner lid into the office prior to the testing times and pick it up after the scheduled time.

If you have questions about the testing process, please contact Joyce at 563-886-6157.

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