Home Food Preservation 101

A Home Food Preservation 101 workshop will be offered on May 22, 2014 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Cedar County Extension Office located at 107 Cedar Street in Tipton.  The registration fee for the workshop is $10.
To reserve your spot please pre-register by completing the form found at www.extension/iastate/edu/cedar.  Your completed registration form and receipt of the registration fee will reserve your spot for the workshop.
Home food preservation is not difficult….. but is does require that you follow specific directions exactly.  Learn why foods need preservation, the safest methods of canning and freezing and take home USDA approved recipes and handouts.  Even if you have been canning for years, come and learn the latest recommendations! 
Since 2009, there have been new canning recommendations that everyone should be aware of when canning at home.  Participants will receive current Iowa State University Extension food preservation publications and learn more about a new program, Preserve the Taste of Summer.
The workshop will be taught by ISU Extension and Outreach specialist, Vera Stokes.  “People are rediscovering the joy and economics along with the fresh taste of home gardening and want to preserve that bounty throughout the year by freezing, drying or canning those foods”, says Stokes.  The program will touch on freezing, canning (both hot water bath and pressure canning), equipment needed and a review of resources available. 
Food preservation information and answers to your questions is available by calling the Iowa State University toll free Answer Line 1-800-262-3804 Monday through Friday from 9 am – noon and 1 pm – 4 pm. 
Questions may also be directed to your local Extension Office at 563-886-6157. 
Register on line and then print off the form and send with your registration fee to:  Cedar County Extension Office - 107 Cedar Street - Tipton  IA  52772.

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