4-H Communications Event

Educational Presentations provide an opportunity for 4-H members to personally demonstrate their communication skills by presenting knowledge, information, or a process to gain a desired response from an audience.  Presentations for Junior members should not exceed 15 minutes and 20 minutes will be allowed for Intermediate and Senior members.
Working exhibits provide an opportunity for youth to communicate and interact with an audience in an informal way.  Working exhibits for Juniors are scheduled for 25 minutes and for 45 - 50 minutes for intermediate and senior members.Educational presentations and working exhibits may be given by one or more 4-H'ers of any combination of eligible juniors, intermediates and seniors.  A team consisting of youth that are of mixed grades must be entered in the class of the highest grade level team member.
Sign up for an opportunity to share the knowledge you have by using this on line form - 4H Communication Event Registration form.
Registration deadline is May 30, 2014

The Presentations will be held on Saturday Morning - June 21, 2014 at the Extension Office.
The Working Exhibits will be held in July during the Cedar County Fair.

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