: Cass County Swine Weigh In

  • 04/08/2017 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

: All Cass County Fair Swine Exhibitors for 2017 should plan to attend the swine weigh-in, April 8 from 8-11 AM at the Cass County Fairgrounds scalehouse- all families who are in line by 11 AM will be allowed to weigh-in All exhibitors that wish to bring swine to the Cass County Fair for 2017 must weigh-in at this date and location. Cost: Eartags are $1/head. State Fair Swine tags are $8/head. Please stop by the Extension Office before weigh-in to purchase 4-H tags. Please bring pigs already tagged and eat notched. For FFA tags contact your advisor. There is an 80 lbs. maximum weight at Spring Weigh-in, hogs weighing over 80 lbs. will not be eligible for the Cass County Fair. No offsite weighing will be allowed. Please wear clean clothes & footwear to weigh-in. Again like last year the 2017 Cass County Swine Show will be a non-terminal show. This allows swine exhibitors who would like to take their hogs home following livestock release the option to. Exhibitors who would like to take their swine exhibit home must complete a sale release form and turn it into the Extension Office within one hour of the completion of the swine show. All exhibitors who decide to take their animals home are encouraged to follow strict quarantine practices following the county fair. Any pigs that go through the swine sale will be sent to the packer or local locker. If you have any questions about weigh-in procedures or rules, please contact the Extension Office

: Shelby Williams

: Cass County Fairgrounds

: 805 W. 10th St
Atlantic IA 50022

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