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Welcome to 4-H!  We are excited that you have inquired about the Carroll County 4-H Program. This is the first step of exploring club, community, county, state, national and international 4-H opportunities! 4-H is the largest youth organization in the world, including 125,000 4-Hers in Iowa.


Take a look at a Pick A Project Paper which lists over 45 different projects that you may choose to explore. Projects have different levels and since you would be just beginning 4-H, you will probably choose the first unit.  Some projects are recommended for specific age groups.  Abbreviations used are "J" for juniors, grades 4-6, "I" for intermediates, grades 7-8, and "S" for seniors, grades 9-12. Fill out a 4-H Enrollment Form to tell us about you, write down project names and code numbers to receive information from the "Pick A Project Paper."  Please limit yourself to a few projects that you have an interest in and that you truly will use the information for, as many of these items do have a cost to the 4-H program, you will receive the first 2 selections free of charge. All of the resource books listed in the "Pick A Project Paper" are available for you to check out of the Carroll County ISU Extension Office.  You may choose to bring ANY exhibit to the Carroll County Fair, even if you did not list it on your Enrollment Form.  The Enrollment Form is just to get informational publication books to help you with the project area.  Please return the 4-H Enrollment Form to the Extension Office by March 1, 2006 so that you can get started with your choice of a local 4-H club. As soon as you return your enrollment form, you will start receiving the 4-H county newsletter.


The cover of the "Pick A Project Paper" is full of information about Iowa 4-H.  Take a few minutes to share this with your family to help them get an understanding of what types of things you may be doing and participating in 4-H.  Families are always welcome to attend meetings, workshops and events with their youth and always welcome to share their talents with the club and county 4-H program!


Please contact a 4-H club leader or the Carroll County ISU Extension Office at 712-792-2364 if you have any questions!






Anjanette Treadway

County Youth Coordinator
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