2014 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductee - Doug Schueler

Butler County's 4-H Hall of Fame inductee for 2014 is Doug Schueler.
Doug was a member of the West Point Junior Farmers for 9 years.  He was an avid swine project member and enjoyed showing his pigs at the Butler County Fair throughout his 4-H career.  Doug was also a member of the hog judging team while in high school.

Doug showed swine at the Iowa State Fair the year he was a senior and took home Reserv e Champion Hog overall honors.  Quite an honor for this rural Iowa farm boy!

He later volunteered as leader of the West Point Junior Farmers 4-H Club for many years while his son was a member and afterwards.  Doug was also instrumental in getting a Quiz Bowl organized during the swine show at the fair.  He served a number of years on the 4-H & Youth Committee, responsible for setting 4-H policies for Butler County 4-H.

For many years Doug has served as swine superintendent for the Butler County Fair.  He kept agreeing to "one more year" up until this year when his new job caused him to "retire."

Currently, Doug works for the company, Hypor, as a swine genetics representative and keeps on the road a lot.
While he may no loger be a fixture in the show ring during the swine show, Doug's influence and leadership continue to guide the show.  He is also a strong supporter of the 4-H Foundation.
Butler County is thrilled and honored to have Doug Schueler as their 2014 4-H Hall of Fame inductee!

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