4-H Special Swine Project 2013

Sign up now, the registration deadline is fast approaching!!


“The purpose of the 4-H Special Swine Project is to increase learning opportunities and participation of swine projects at the county fair” said Debbie Erpelding, Buena Vista County Youth Coordinator.  “The opportunity to participate in the 4-H Special Swine Project is open to all B.V. County 4-H’ers regardless of where they live, they may reside in town and still participate in this special project.”


The project will consist of three (3) pigs per 4-H’er.  The pigs will be purchased as a group the middle of March 2013, and fed as a group by the person from whom the group of pigs was purchased.  The purchase price will be figured off the average beginning weight of the whole group.  The selling price will be figured off the average final fair weight of the whole group.  Thus all the participants will have the same expenses and same risk for profit or loss.


Each participant will also receive B.V. County Fair ribbon premiums.


B.V. County Bankers Association will finance the project through a group loan to pay for the purchase of the pigs, notes Erpelding.   4-H’ers will be required to sign a borrowing note, which is part of the learning experience.   A $15.00 project fee will be required upon registration for the project and will be applied to the total cost of the project expenses.  In order to sign up for Special Swine you must pay when you sign up.  No one will be registered until payment is received.  Sign up began Friday, February 1, 2013 and ends Friday March 1, 2013

All checks need to be made out to B.V. County Special Swine Project.


4-H’ers will pick their pen of 3 pigs at the fair.  The 4-H’er is responsible for the care and feeding of their pen of 3 projects, as well as the upkeep of the pen housing the pigs during the fair.


The educational program will be provided by Lyle Rossiter, ISU Allee Farm Superintendent.  Participants and their parent/guardian need to make a commitment to attend three of the meetings.



Questions? Contact:


Marty Broich, 284-2163 or Debbie Erpelding 732-5056.

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