Want to become a volunteer for Buchanan County 4-H?!

To become a volunteer, please fill out the volunteer packet and send it to:

Buchanan County ISU Extension and Outreach Office
2600 Swan Lake Blvd., Suite A Independence, IA 50644
Volunteer Packet (please fill out all forms below):
Volunteer Application
Volunteer Interest Form
Volunteer Authorization
Volunteer Background Screening
Volunteer Youth Safety Form
Volunteer Confidentiality Statement

Spring Camp Volunteer Day, Iowa 4-H Center, Saturday, April 26

The Iowa 4-H Center is gearing up for the 2014 summer camping season and they need help with several projects to be ready in time for summer! These projects will take numerous helping hand- both big and small- so they are looking for youth and adults!  
Come as an individual, family, 4-H club or volunteer group for some awesome bonding time in the great outdoors.  Volunteer projects will range from simple to complex and include: splitting and stacking wood, trimming bushes, painting, staining, raking leaves, cleaning cabins, trail work, picking up trash, and other “spring cleaning” activities.  Pack a picnic lunch, load up the crew and come join us as we ready the 4-H Center.  Call the camp office at 515-795-3338 or email 4hcentermail@iastate.edu to sign up.  

County 4-H News

February 20, 2014

We do not use Wikispaces any longer and none of the forms or information on the old Buchanan County Wikispaces homepage is valid.  Please refer to our webpage only.  All valid forms and information can be found there.

January 16, 2014

Communications Day is just around the corner! Youth will be presenting different communicaion areas including: Educational Presentations, Working Exhibits, Share the Fun, Extemporaneous Speaking, Fashion Revue, Clothing Selection, and the $15 Challenge.  Deadline is March 3rd.  Click here to see descriptions and fill out an entry form.

January 14, 2014

Record book judging will be here before we know it! To start working ahead on your records, here is where you will find the forms and information about the new record book process.

December 19, 2013

Wikispaces is no longer available. All forms are now loaded on this website. Thank you for your patience. 

April 11, 2014

Have you ever considered a career in Veterinary Medicine?  Do you wonder what it might be like to be a veterinarian?  If you live in Buchanan County, and are age 7 thru 18, Vet Camp is your opportunity for a hands-on experience in Veterinary Medicine.

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