Proper Procedure for Organizations Concerning Master Gardener Volunteerism

In order to better serve the communities of Buchanan County and to make sure that the Master Gardeners are volunteering their time in appropriate ways, each project patron must fill out and submit an application outlining their plan for a project and give some information about what exactly they would like from the Master Gardeners.  These applications will then be reviewed by the Master Gardener Coordinator and the Master Gardener Steering Committee.


Every project must submit an application (even if the project has been long-established).  Each volunteer project will be evaluated on an annual basis by the Buchanan County Master Gardener Steering Committee to assess its merits as set forth in the definition of “Iowa Master Gardener”.  The Buchanan County Master Gardener Steering Committee will also assign volunteerism from our Master Gardeners and Interns based on community need.  If you have any questions about this new procedure please contact Buchanan County ISU Extension and Outreach Master Gardener Coordinator, Ashley Sherrets by calling 319.334.7161 or by emailing her at

Buchanan County Master Gardener Volunteerism Project Guidelines

Master Gardener Community Project Agreement

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