4-H Online Enrollment and Re-Enrollment

  Instructions from the State on how to enroll or re-enroll in the 4hOnline program are located here.  The 4H Online web-based program is located here.  Enrolling/re-enrolling in 4hOnline does not begin until September 16th.
4H Online does not have the capability to accept online payment for the $30.00 development fee, therefore you must give your dues to your club leaders.  Once we receive payment your online enrollment submission will be approved and your enrollment will be completed. 
·         The re-enrollment deadline is Sunday, December 1st by 11:59 p.m.  
·         The enrollment deadline for new members is Thursday, May 15th by 11:59 p.m.  
It is highly recommended that you do not wait until the last minute to enroll or re-enroll online; loss of internet connection, 4H Online server issues, compatibility issues or lack of understanding of the instructions will not allow a late enrollment.  This year the Thanksgiving holiday falls on November 28th and 29th.  Wednesday, November 27th will be the last day that our office is open to help you before the December 1st deadline.
Please check your email regularly.  If there are any issues with your enrollment we will be communicating with you through your provided email.
If you have started your enrollment and have not received an email back from the system saying that you are pending, please check online and make sure that you hit the "submit" button. 
Please keep your email and password in a safe place; they will be required in order to log into 4Honline throughout the year.  As always, continue to read your Buchanan County monthly newsletters where we will provide you with all updates and instructions.
Thanks for your cooperation and welcome back to 4-H!

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