2013 Crop Bioengineering Consortium Workshop

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Monday, November 4, 2013


  • Martin Spalding - Iowa State University
    David Oliver - Iowa State University
    Opening Remarks

Donald Weeks

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Introduction to Session 1

Keith Joung

  • Harvard University
    Targeted Genome Editing and Gene Regulation for Bioengineering Applications

Adam Bogdanove

  • Cornell University
    DNA targeting with TAL effectors a transformative technology with room for improvement

Scott Fahrenkrug

  • University of Minnesota
    Animal bioengineering with TALENS

Bing Yang

  • Iowa State University
    Plant bioengineering with TALENS

Kan Wang

  • Iowa State University
    Bioengineering through direct delivery of proteins

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Introduction - Day 2

  • James Reecy - Iowa State University
    Opening Remarks

Andy Hedgecock

  • DuPont Pioneer, session chair
    Introduction to Session 2,

Qiudeng Que

  • Syngenta Biotechnology
    Applications of Targeted Genome Modification Technologies for Commercial Trait Development

Drew Kershen

  • University of Oklahoma
    New Plant Breeding Techniques: Legal Classification and Regulatory Implication

Chris Holman

  • University of Missouri-Kansas City
    Intellectual property considerations

Neil Hoffman

    Regulatory Considerations, US

Katia Pauwels

  • Biosafety and Biotechnology Unit, Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health
    Regulatory Considerations, EU

Clark Wolf

  • Iowa State University
    Public Perception and Regulation of Biotech Innovation

Speakers' Panel

  • Panel for Session 2

Gregory Jaffe

  • Center for Science in the Public Interest, session chair
    Introduction to Session 3

Nancy Podevin

  • EMBL and formerly EFSA
    New biotechnology-based plant breeding techniques and the regulatory landscape

Group reports

  • Panel discussion - Session 3