Bill Arndorfer

Regional Extension Educational Director

Ron Lenth

County Extension Coordinator

Tammy Curley

Office Manager

Katie Diemer

County Youth Coordinator

Kapil Arora

Ag Engineering Field Specialist
(515) 382-6551

Water Quality, Soil Conservation Practices, Manure Management, Composting, Environmental Regulations

Terry Basol

Extension Agronomist

Jen Bentley

Extension Dairy Field Specialist

Calf care, fresh cow care, dairy herd management, herd health, farm employee management.

Cheryl Clark

Family Life Program Specialist

Family Life including - quality child care, parenting education, family decision making for later years, dealing with stress, change, and loss, building family strengths

Karen Lathrop

Advancement Specialist
(319) 930-9744

Serving Eastern Iowa as an ISU Extension and Outreach Organizational Advancement Specialist, Karen strives to advance the mission, vision and values of this historic land-grant university. At the heart of Organizational Advancement are initiatives that advance our organization by garnering support, aggregating and sharing our collective impact, strengthening our brand, communicating our value and executing our strategic plan.

Patrick O'Malley

Commerical Horticulture

Brenda Schmitt

Family Resource Management

Certified Fiancial Counselor who works one-on-one with clients; teaches personal financial management and employability skills online or in group settings. Volunteer Income Tax Assistnace Site Manager and Program Coordinator. Horizons Coach - a leadership capacity building program.

Denise Schwab

Beef Program Specialist

Production information related to nutrition, facilities, health, records analysis, and pasture and forage management for beef and sheep producers. Individual consultation on improving productivity in livestock operations.

Mark Storlie

Swine Field Specialist

Swine production management—production pig flow, breeding and farrowing schedules, principles and application of PQA; initiating and using production and financial records for management—marketing, cost control; analysis of nutritional feeding programs; alternative housing options—hoop buildings; mortality composting; contracting considerations—production and marketing; development and communication with employees—production handbooks; development of computer templates for management control or awareness; support of value-added production and marketing systems —organic, sustainable production, direct marketing

Jill Weber

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Health

Family Nutrition and Health Food Safety Nutrition through the life span Specialty food business development Physical activity and obesity

Kristen Schulte

Farm Management Specialist

Dan Huyser

Ag Engineer Specialist

Livestock facilities, building materials and construction ventilation systems, manure management systems, soil erosion and crop residue management, soil and water conservation, ground water quality, well construction and maintenance, farm machinery, environmental regulations, energy conservation and farm safety.

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