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August 18, 2014

The week of August 3-9, we harvested 848 pounds.

August 18, 2014

Each year ISU Extension reports land rental surveys by county and land quality. 

July 21, 2014

This plant’s juice called psoralen, when in contact with your skin combined with sun, can cause major burn-like irritations and possible scaring.  This time of year it’s in our roadside ditches and uncultivated areas.

April 26, 2014

It’s been identified in Bremer County, so we’ve assembled articles to help citizens learn more on the symptoms and options available. 

March 31, 2014

This spring we will be expanding our Waverly Community Sharing Garden from 18 to 41 raised garden beds.

March 31, 2014

Spring is a great time to create, plant, or replace your windbreak around your buildings. 

March 26, 2014

This report gives ranges and averages for various farm tillage and storage operations

February 12, 2014

We’ve set meetings @ 7PM for the Sumner Library on February 27th and the Denver Library on March 20th.   

January 31, 2014

 Bees & Fruit Trees—A honey of a Comb(i)Nation

January 28, 2014

Come to the Nashua Borlaug Learning Center at the Research Farm on February 26th to learn more about productive swine practices, plus those wishing to receive PQA Assurance Plus training  are also invited.

January 15, 2014

The annual Bremer County 4-H Awards Banquet was held on Sunday, January 5 at the Tripoli High School.  A free meal was served by the Bremer County Pork Promoters.

December 13, 2013

Highlights of our 2013 Bremer Extension year.

December 13, 2013

Two events coming for area dairy producers to help improve herd productivity.

November 12, 2013

This year 108 varieties (68 corn and 40 soybean) received side-by-side comparisons at the Steve Boevers’ field along Hwy 63. Corn hybrids were ranked in four classes:  conventional; 103-day or less; 104-107 days; 108 days or later maturity.  This resulted in an 80% increase from 38-68 varieties from area dealers.  Soybeans are ranked as early or late maturity.  Wet spring planting was followed by a dry summer, but the rains came at the optimum time.

November 4, 2013

The sounds of chainsaws in the timber is a great time to review some key safety issues….and maybe save an accident.

August 29, 2013

The Foelske's of Tripoli were named honorees into the 2013 4-H Hall of Fame for Bremer County.

August 22, 2013

Volunteers harvest fresh vegetables twice weekly from the large plot in Waverly.  All the fresh produce is donated to appreciative area free meal sites, plus the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, which services 17 NE IA counties. 

May 3, 2013

Here’s some helpful material to aid you in selecting varieties and improving your woodlot and/or acreage.

April 29, 2013

A demonstration bioreactor will be installed along Crane Creek to illustrate how they can improve water quality by intercepting nitrates on the edge of tile outlets.

April 29, 2013

How and when to plant, and later harvest vegetables for obtaining high production. 

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