4-H Shooting Sports

To participate in the Shooting Sports Club, you need (if you have not already done so) to re-enroll in 4-H using 4honline and pay the $35 Program Development Fee.   You and your parents also need to read and sign the enclosed Iowa Parental Permission/Waiver of Liability and Code of Conduct and bring it to your first meeting
Our group currently has six certified volunteer leaders:
          Robyn Reece (coordinator)                              Kevin Griggs (Rifle)
          Kevin Kordick (shotgun & archery)                Kara Sickau (archery)
          Richard Hayworth (shotgun)                           Dan Lease (wildlife/outdoor skills)
Invite a non-4-H friend to join 4-H Shooting Sports Club.  Non-4-H Friends need to complete a 4-H enrollment form (write Shooting Sports as club), medical information/release form, and Iowa Parental Permission/Waiver of Liability and Code of Conduct and pay $35 4-H program development fee.  These forms are available at the Extension Office.  Enrolling in 4-H entitles youth to be involved in other 4-H activities including project meetings, camps, and county fair. 
There is a $20/supply fee/shooting sports member fee to help cover ammunition costs.
All parents are welcome, but parents are required to accompany 4th – 6th grade members.
Please call Robyn Reece at 515/298-3774 (after 12:00 noon) to RSVP for the first meeting or if weather is questionable. If you cannot attend the first meeting, but are still interested in attending the meetings, please call her and let her know. We would like to have an idea of how many will be attending future meetings.
Code of Conduct
Parental Consent

Join 4-H

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