PED Virus Info and 2014 Black Hawk County 4-H Swine Show Rules & Regulations

No SWINE WEIGH-IN This Year.... April 5th Weigh-In is CANCELLED.

Due to the PED virus that is spreading quickly, we would like to do our part in trying the control this virus. One way of doing this is not to bring trailers from different farms onto one site so the virus can hitch a ride to the next farm on a trailer or truck tire. Please read our 2014 Swine Show Rules below.

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2014 Black Hawk County 4-H Swine Show Rules & Regulations
As many of you may already know there is a very deadly virus (PED) growing in the swine industry and we here in Black Hawk County are doing our part in practicing safe biosecurity measures.
 After much debate we will be having a volunteer Derby Show at the 2014 fair. That means a derby hog is not required at this year’s county fair but if you choose to participate you will need to follow the guidelines listed below:
1. The exhibitor will need to come into the extension office and get the tags and tagger sometime during the week of April 1st. We are asking that you tag all of your swine at that time. (market & derby) I have several taggers (8) for you to use and return to the extension office when finished. I will make sure all taggers are disinfected between each use.
2. All derby swine will need to be weighed in at your farm or acreage anytime on Saturday, April 5th. I do have three scales and I am willing to lend out to those that do not have a scale of your own. Please start making arrangements now to either barrow or purchase a scale. You will not only weigh your animal but you will also take a picture of your pig with the tag number visible. I know this probably won’t be an easy task as I know how swine can be.  But, please error on the side of too many pictures rather than not enough so are sure to cover all of the bases. You can either send it to me by email or print it off yourself and get it to us.
3. We will still need all the paper work that you normally fill out. No need to be concerned about reading ear notches for this year’s fair.
4. The Extension office, Fair board and Black Hawk County Pork Producer’s all agree that we have VERY honest families and we fully expect that we will not have any problems with this process. 
5. We will still have a terminal show this year because of the PED virus but will revisit the subject for next year’s fair.
6. All state fair swine will need to be tagged with the special DNA tag.  Contact the office for more information.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the following people and we would be glad to help you. Thank you for your corporation.
Diane Wolfe: 319-234-6811 (4-H Youth Coordinator)
Ben Volding: 319-415-0043 (Black Hawk County Pork Producers)
Bart Samuelson: 319-231-5380 (Black Hawk County Fair board)

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