Join 4-H

Are you ready to "Make Friends" and "Have Fun?" Then join 4-H! Download our Choose Your Adventure publication to see what 4-H can offer you!


See a list of Black Hawk County 4-H Clubs that you can join!


Use the form links on the Kids and Teens/4-H page to download, print,  and take them to your club leader. Fill out both pages of the Enrollment Form, both pages of the Medical Release, and the Code of Ethics. (Keep a copy of the Code of Ethics for yourself).

You can use the Projects Form page to help you in identifying the codes for your projects. Use these codes to fill in the projects you wish to enroll in on the Enrollment Form. On the right-hand navigation bar, under Enrollment Materials, you can choose "Pick a Project" to read more about all the activities offered through 4-H!

Be sure to read the development fee notation at the top of the Enrollment Form page.

Use the back arrow keys to return to each form.

Please call the Extension Office: 234-6811 with questions

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