Iowa Learn Farms

The DVD's are:
     "From Gully to Grass, Implementing Grassed Waterways"-- This DVD offiers insight into successful grassed waterway impletmentation and management.
     "Strip-Tillage Crop Management"  -- Iowa Learning Farms farmer partners who are using striptillage are featured on this video, offering suggestions, advantages and proven success of this practice.
     "Manure Management and Conservation" -- This DVD provides general inforamtion about manure management practice that are used as stewardship principles to help protect water quality.
     "Converting your Planter for No-Till Operaton" -- This DVD officers tips for adjusting your planter for  a no-till operation.
     "Adding a Cover Crop to a Corn-Soybean System" -- Cover crops help protect soil from erosion thereby improving wter quality.  This DVD offers tips on successful cover crop management.
Contact the Black Hawk County Extension office at 319-234-6811 to view or check-out any of these DVD's.

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