Dog Agility and Obedience Classes

Dear 4-H Dog Project Members,              
Does your dog sit, heel and come when you call? If not then you might want to consider signing up for this year’s free 4-H Dog Obedience classes.
Obedience Classes are held on Wednesdays, beginning May 7th 6:00-7:00 PM at Devonshire school parking lot until July 16th. The school is located at 515 Devonshire Drive, Waterloo. This is west of Ansborough Ave. and south of Hwy 63.
Dog Agility Classes! Learn how to coach your dog through an obstacle course. Agility classes are Thursday evenings beginning May 8th until Thursday, July 17th at Jean Melick's farm, 12432 X Avenue, Cedar Falls.  Classes will be led by Linnea Ulrich and Julie Heiple.
Class will begin at 7:00 pm and end at 8:00 pm. [Location: 4 miles west out of Cedar Falls on W. 27th Street by the UNI Dome. Turn right on X Ave (gravel). Go ½ mile north and the farm is on the right.]
Registration Form (PDF)
Helpful Tips (PDF)
 Bring this completed form along with health papers for your dog (rabies and Parvo shots must be up to date) and give them to the instructors at the first class.
The instructors request that parents stay for classes. This is just in case someone gets injured, class gets over early due to weather and also to allow parents to hear instructions so that they can help at home as the 4-H member works on training their dog.
If it is raining at the time class is suppose to start Agility will be cancelled.
Diane Wolfe
Black Hawk County Youth Coordinator

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