ISU Extension and the Bioeconomy

Recently Iowa State University Extension convened discussion groups through out the state to give Iowans a chance to voice their hopes and concerns about the bioeconomy. The Bioeconomy in Iowa: Local Conversations publication is a summary of the comments from those discussions.

ISU Bioeconomy Resources

The Alternative Crops and Alternative Policies for Bioenergy webcast was presented by Iowa State University on March 5, 2007.
The Perspectives on Present and Future Corn-Based Ethanol Industry webcast was presented by Iowa State University (ISU) Extension on Monday, Nov. 13, 2006.
ISU Extension Leadership in the Bioeconomy (pdf)
ISU College of Agriculture Leadership in the Bioeconomy (pdf)
ISU Office of Biorenewables Program
Iowa Water Center
Town Hall Meeting on Biorenewable Resources   
Putting Biorenewables to Work  
Reading List from the Office of Biorenewables Program
College of Agriculture Biorenewables Briefing and Discussion
Growing the Bioeconomy Conference
Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
Center for Crop Utilization Research
Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) Bioindustry Main Page
Biodiesel Workshop
Managing Phosphorus with Distillers Grains Diets, PowerPoint presentation by Allen Trenkle
Use of Distillers Grains in Feedlot Diets: Impact on Phosphorus Excretion, IBC 29 (fact sheet, .pdf file)
Bioenergy Crop Information: Bioenergy Information and Economic Analysis. This bioenergy crop research is part of the Chariton Valley RC&D effort in southern Iowa to develop bioenergy crops—mainly switchgrass—into a viable alternative.

Other Bioeconomy Resources

Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: Implications for Research and Policy (QTA2006-3) is available online at the CAST website.

Can we move beyond an energy policy running on hype and hot air?
by Michael B. McElroy, professor of environmental studies, Harvard University

ISU Ethanol Resources

Ag Marketing Resource Center
Iowa Grain Quality Initiative
Ag DecisonMaker
Iowa Beef Center (Information for beef producers on Iowa’s growing ethanol industry)
     Ethanol Feeds: Feeding Distillers Grains to Beef Cattle, Newsletter article by Dan Loy, December 2006 (.pdf file)
     Frequently asked questions about feeding coproducts to beef cattle
Iowa Pork Industry Center
ISU Extension Ethanol Livestock Feeding Co-products Publications


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