Current Opportunities

 Iowa farm operations

  • 1,400 acre row crop with organic potential cow/calf, all-natural beef sales. SE Iowa
  • 1,200 acre cow/calf with feedlot and swine finishing. S Central Iowa
  • 1,625 acre row crop and custom spraying, GPS and Precision Farming business
  • 160 acre organic crop farmer. E Iowa
  • 5000 acre corn, soybean and poultry. Central Iowa
  • 930 acre row crop East Central Iowa
  • 12,000 head swine operation plus 200 acre row crop Central Iowa
  • 320 acre grain and hay farm with 25 head cow/calf.  SE Iowa
  • 800 acre beef cow and row crop operation Central Iowa
  • 250 acre row crop and beef operation Central Iowa
  • 550 acre row crop w/cow-calf operation SC Iowa
  • 2500 sow farrowing, 13,000 hd finishing swine operation Central Iowa
  • 800 acre cow-calf, sheep operation, EC Iowa
  • 130 acre w/7000 hd swine finishing and several off-farm enterprises NW Iowa
  • 220 acre row crop with confinement sheep facility West Central Iowa
  • 5 acre specialty crop farm acreage suitable for fruits and vegetables Central Iowa
  • 60 acres with fruit orchard Central Iowa
  • 35 acre well established direct marketed vegetable farm and timber East Central Iowa
  • 50 acre custom feeding turkey operation Central Iowa
  • 27 acre hay/forage and niche vegetable farm West Central Iowa
  • 23 acre beef, grain, ornamental nursery and vegetable farm East Central Iowa
  • 6 acre location for fruit and vegetable production West Central Iowa
  • 1000 acre row crop with swine NE IA

Out of state operations

  • 1,000 acre Beef/ Grain/ Forage farm Mich.
  • 30,000 farrow to wean hog operations. Minnesota
  • 1,700 acre row crop with beef herd and sheep. E South Dakota
  • 2,600 acre grain/beef farm. SW Kansas
  • 350 acre beef/swine farm. W Wisconsin
  • 5500 acre grain and cow/calf operation. Central North Dakota
  • 3000 acre grain and forage form NE North Dakota
  • 2200 acre row crop S. Central Alabama
  • 900 acre row crop and beef operation Nebraska
  • 900 acre crop/livestock farm with timber and pasture SE Minnesota
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