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Investing for Farm Families Course helps farmers plan for a secure future

A secure future, a farm for future generations. It’s everything a farm family wants.
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Annie's Project is an educational program dedicated to strengthening women's roles in the modern farm enterprise. To date, classes have been taught in 34 states. Through six educational sessions, Annie's Project fosters problem solving, record keeping, and decision-making skills in farm women.

Do you want to retire from or start into farming?

The Ag Link Program can help. New opportunities added for beginning farmers.


Change comes to Dinner pictureChange Comes to Dinner

The Beginning Farmer Center is featured in this new book as it talks about our efforts in helping new farmer's enter today's farm world.


Keeping it in the family pictureKeeping it in the Family

A new book co-authored by John Baker, Beginning Farm Center,about the international perspectives on succession and retirement on family farms.


Farmer Veteran Equipment Donation Program

Farmers and equipment dealers that would like to donate used (or new) tractors, farm implements or other farm supplies to qualifying veterans in Iowa or California.


View the trailer of Map of my Kingdom, a play about farmland transition that asks the question “Who’s going to get the farm?”  Many thanks to Zhenru Zhang at Iowa State University.

 Beginning Farmer Center in Action

Families Apply New Communication and Planning Skills to Farm Succession

Many families struggle talking about and putting plans in place for farm and business succession. Farm succession workshops get the conversations started.




2016 Returning to the Farm Seminar
Returning to the Farm Seminar (formerly known as Ag Link) is a 4 day seminar for farm families to develop a succession plan. Next session will be held January and March 2016.  All of these sessions are intended for farm families bringing the next generation back to the farm to live and work.

Session 1: January 29 - 30, 2016 at Gateway Hotel and Conference Center, Ames, IA.

We are excited to announce that on th evening of Friday, January 29th following our conference, we will be presenting "Map of My Kingdom". See video on far left to learn more of this one act presentation!

Session 2: March 4-5, 2016 at Gateway Hotel and Conference Center, Ames, IA.

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2016 Business Succession Workshops:

This is a two day session for families and individuals wishing to develop a succession plan.  $150 for a family of four with $25 for each additional member wishing to attend. Hours are 1 pm- 8 first day and 9-2 second day. Lunches and snacks provided.

Currently there are no sesisons scheduled.


From The Ground Up: Creating a Plan to Grow Your Farm Business will be held on Monday evenings Feb. 8 – March 28 at the Beginning Farmer Center in Urbandale, Iowa. Each session will cover a different topic, with participants learning about farm assessment, marketing, pricing, management, operations and production protocols. Program fee is $200 for the 8-session series and includes the evening meal for each session. Learn more…

Online registration, click here.

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Outside Events

Women's Role In Agriculture: Connect with Extension through webinars featuring the changes in women's role in the agricultural arena.




Thank you to all the families that support the activities of the Beginning Farmer Center.




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