Two Science of Parenting Publications Now Available in Spanish

AMES, Iowa – Two popular publications from the Science of Parenting are now available in Spanish. “Video Games and Other Media: Pros and Cons” and “Obesity and Overuse of Electronic Media” are available online at the ISU Extension Online Store in both English and Spanish versions.

“ISU Extension is trying to expand its outreach efforts to Latino youth and families,” said Kimberly Greder, associate professor of human development and family studies. “Translating more of our educational materials is one step.”

Video Games and Other Media: Pros and Cons

“Video Games and Other Media” advises parents on the meanings behind video game ratings, warning signs of too much screen time, side effects of video game playing and what to look for when buying children games. It also lists a guideline for healthy and helpful videogames. Download the PDF for free from the ISU Extension Online Store.

Obesity and Overuse of Electronic Media

“Obesity and Overuse of Electronic Media,” explains how much screen time children of various ages should have each day. It also lists the risks of obesity and the benefits of exercise. Download the PDF for free from the ISU Extension Online Store.

“Parents of all race/ethnicities and economic status are not fully aware of the effects of media on children,” Greder said. “Many parents do not realize their children are learning through media, especially media use at home and outside of the school day. The publications are one way to share that information.”