Search New Website, Visit Iowa Farms

AMES, Iowa — The Visit Iowa Farms website,, has unveiled a new look.

"The new site features detailed descriptions of Iowa farms and the ability to map out locations of interest in your area," said Ray Hansen, director of Iowa State University Extension’s Value Added Agriculture Program, which created the Visit Iowa Farms project.

“Our goal is to stimulate the agritourism industry in Iowa,” Hansen said. “Having additional visitors to Iowa farms benefits local farmers, rural economies and promotes agriculture in general.”

The new site includes features to

  • Interactively map farms by county or type of agritourism operation;
  • Inform producers on legal requirements, regulations and business/marketing plans; and
  • Display upcoming events related to agritourism for both producers and consumers.

A news feature allows consumers and producers alike to keep up to date on events, programs and what's new.

“The new site provides an updated, appealing look for producers and tourists,” Hansen said. “Higher gas prices could cause Iowans to stay closer to home this summer. However, they can still enjoy fun, affordable family experiences at many Iowa farms in their region and can find those farms through this site.”

Producers not registered on the site are encouraged to use the “contact us” feature of the site to register their agritourism operation. Registration is free.

“We encourage traffic to the site,” Hansen said. “Teachers and summer youth program leaders can use this site in planning field trips, as well.”

The Value Added Agriculture Program (VAAP) provides unbiased, science-based information to help establish or expand agricultural-related businesses in Iowa. Contact VAAP at 515-294-2136 for more information.