Science of Parenting: Time with Grandparents

grandchild and grandparentAMES, Iowa — Historian, mentor and friend are some of the roles that today’s grandparents play. During November, family life specialists talk about how important grandparents can be in the lives of their grandchildren in the Science of Parenting blog from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

“The relationship of a grandparent and grandchild is second in emotional importance only to the parent/child relationship,” said family life specialist Donna Donald. “This month we will take a closer look at the various roles of grandparents, including grandparents raising their grandchildren.”

“Today’s grandparents often have more time to spend with their grandchildren. They are eager to share their life experiences, nurture a new generation and contribute to the family legacy,” said family life specialist Lori Hayungs.

It also appears that the better the relationship between parents and grandparents, the greater the contact and closeness between grandparents and grandchildren, the specialists noted. Learn more from tips on the blog throughout the month and in a four-minute podcast.

Through the Science of Parenting,, ISU Extension and Outreach specialists share and discuss research-based information and resources to help parents rear their children. Parents can join in the conversation and share thoughts and experiences, as well as how they handle parenting responsibilities.