Science of Parenting: Just Another Argument?

child upset by parents arguingAMES, Iowa -- Fighting in front of the children creates a family life where conflict is the norm – and this conflict can negatively impact the kids. During January, family life specialists talk about the complex issue of parental conflict and its effect on children in the Science of Parenting blog from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

“Fighting with your spouse or partner – or ignoring him or her -- will affect your children," said family life specialist Donna Donald. “As we blog this month, we will explore ways for parents to reduce disagreements with each other.”

Added family life specialist Lori Hayungs, “We also will look at how to resolve arguments in positive ways and use these times to teach children important skills.”

Learn more from tips on the blog throughout the month and in a four-minute podcast. Through the Science of Parenting,, ISU Extension and Outreach specialists share and discuss research-based information and resources to help parents rear their children. Parents can join in the conversation and share thoughts and experiences, as well as how they handle parenting responsibilities.