Register Now for Family Economics and Financial Education Training

FEFEAMES, Iowa – Iowa school children may be counting the days until summer vacation begins, but they may not realize that summer means “back to school” for their teachers. Registration is now open for the fourth annual Iowa Family Economics and Financial Education (FEFE) Teacher Training workshop. This workshop focuses on teaching middle and high school educators to use new tools and build their skills to teach financial literacy to their students. 

Research compiled by Cynthia Fletcher, a professor and family economics specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, shows that many educators feel they are not well prepared to teach financial skills to their students. “While 89 percent of the teachers surveyed agree that students need financial education, relatively few teachers believe they are adequately prepared to teach personal finance topics,” said Fletcher. “The summer workshop is our direct response to that professional development need in Iowa.”

In 2012, educators who attended the ISU training workshop were asked to fill out a survey. Only 27 percent felt they were well prepared to teach financial education to their students coming into the workshop. After the course, 87 percent felt that they were well prepared. “These surveys show dramatic change in the confidence and preparation to teach this content after the workshop,” said Fletcher.

The Iowa FEFE Educator Training workshop is Aug. 6-8 at Iowa State University. To register, visit the registration website at  The registration deadline is July 15. Licensed Iowa educators will receive a discount on the workshop price. Attendees will receive hard copies of the FEFE curriculum, learn about new technologies and identify ways to customize the information learned during the workshop to fit their classroom.