Quality Machine of Iowa Featured in CIRAS News

Quality Machine of IowaAMES, Iowa — Quality Machine of Iowa Inc. is featured in the spring issue of CIRAS News, the newsletter of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Center for Industrial Research and Service.

With headquarters and main plant in Audubon, Iowa, and a smaller production facility in Minneapolis, QMI produces a wide range of products such as service tools for the automotive and agricultural industries as well as components for the hydraulic, medical and defense industries. QMI has been working with CIRAS since 2010 to incorporate lean manufacturing principles into the business and to expand the company’s customer base to include the federal government.

QMI President Tim Greene sees lean manufacturing as a key for continuous improvement, being globally competitive and winning government contracts. Overall, Greene reports $2 million of impact —$1 million in increased sales and $1 million in retention of sales—thanks to lean practices and government contracts. “We have to keep people wanting to do business with us, and CIRAS has helped us do that,” he said.

Greene’s efforts in moving QMI forward have been recognized in Iowa and nationally. The Iowa State University Small Business Development Center presented Greene with the 2011 Neal Smith Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and last spring the U.S. Small Business Administration honored him as the 2012 Iowa Small Business Person of the Year.

The QMI story in CIRAS News, Volume 48, Number 3, is available online at http://www.ciras.iastate.edu/publications/CIRASNews/2013Spring.pdf.