Next Science of Parenting Webinar to Air July 9

AMES, Iowa -- The Science of Parenting’s next webinar will air on July 9 from 12 to 1 p.m. The webinar will focus on children, sports and competition, and is part of Iowa State University’s electronic outreach to parents.

The Science of Parenting,, created by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, provides parents with reliable and credible information on raising children. Family life specialists Donna Donald, Lori Hayungs and Kim Greder facilitate the program. “Parents need help determining what information is good information about parenting,” said Donald. “The Science of Parenting program gives them information they can trust.”

Donald and Hayungs write weekly blog posts that focus on a wide variety of topics that affect parents. Their posts include their personal experiences, insights and research on the topics to help parents with their parenting skills. Greder explained that the blog is open for comments and the specialists encourage conversation with parents. So far this year, some 290 to 476 people read the blog each month.

Complementing the blog posts are podcasts that relate to each month’s topic. The four- to five-minute podcasts provide research-based parenting advice in an entertaining audio delivery. The specialists also post messages on Twitter. Along with blog posts, podcasts and tweets, the Science of Parenting presents quarterly webinars created by the specialists to further convey information and connect with parents. The webinars give parents the ability to chat with other parents and the specialists for the duration of the webinar.

The Science of Parenting uses electronic media to easily connect with parents who are searching for parenting knowledge and research. “Parents are hungry to communicate and learn,” said Greder. “This program is an opportunity for us to meet parents where they are at online and provide them with credible information.”

Donald explained that three fourths of parents are now turning to the Internet for parenting information. Many parents have hectic schedules, and may not have time to attend parenting meetings or workshops. The Science of Parenting gives these parents the opportunity to gain the same knowledge through an outlet that is flexible with their schedules.

“Science of Parenting is a 24/7 learning venue that parents can access using any of their devices and computers,” said Donald. “We are giving parents research-based education in a way that fits their busy schedules and learning preferences.”

By offering parents quality, research-based information on parenting, the Science of Parenting is helping parents bring their kids up in healthy, supportive environments, while encouraging them to become strong community members.

For computer requirements and and how to connect to the July 9 webinar, visit Contact Hayungs,, or Donald,, for more information