ISU Extension Short Course Will Increase Grazing Knowledge and Skills

VINTON, Iowa -- Livestock producers with an interest in beginning or transitioning grazing practices can sharpen their skills by attending a series of eastern Iowa Greenhorn Grazing workshops offered by Iowa State University Extension. This Greenhorn Grazing short course consists of five different modules taught over the grazing season.

“Greenhorn Grazing is designed for graziers interested in a more controlled or management-intensive grazing system,” said Denise Schwab, ISU Extension livestock specialist. “Producers who want to optimize forage and livestock production, increase market access and conserve natural resources will find the modules very informative.”

The course will cover concepts relevant to all producers of grass-based livestock, whether it is beef, dairy, sheep or other animals, Schwab said. Greenhorn Grazing will be held in the Maquoketa area, but is designed for producers throughout eastern Iowa. Each workshop will have a classroom component with experienced instructors and a hands-on field component.

The workshops will begin promptly at 1 p.m. and will last through late afternoon. The sessions are scheduled for June 8, July 6, Aug. 4, Aug. 30 and early November.

“Workshop topics covered by the instructors and during the associated field experiences will teach producers how to improve the productivity and use of their land,” Schwab said. “Training such as this removes some of the perceived barriers associated with entry into the grass-based livestock industry and supports perennial grassland agriculture.”

Cost of the short course is largely offset by grants from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and the Iowa Beef Center. The course fee is $75; participants are urged to attend all sessions, but fees for individual sessions are available. Fees include a resource notebook, speakers and refreshments.

For more information on specific locations or to register, contact the Benton County Extension Office at 319-472-4739. For more details, contact Denise Schwab at 319-721-9624 or