Iowa Master Gardener Program Gets New Look

AMES, Iowa – Multiple designs, several weeks and 1,200 votes have led to a new look for the Iowa Master Gardener program. The new visual identity begins with a logo that will soon start showing up, and the coming weeks and months will add other materials, such as business cards, banners and clothing.

“A new visual identity was needed to help represent the changes and evolution the Master Gardener program has gone through in recent years,” said Jennifer Bousselot, Master Gardener coordinator with Iowa State University Extension. “The new logo design was chosen by the state’s Master Gardeners, so they have helped shape this program in the coming years.”

A new logo needed to represent the breadth and depth of the programs' purposes and activities, as well as the people associated with it and their gardening interests, reasons for volunteering and experiences, Bousselot added.

The initial designs included a variety of styles and art direction before being narrowed down to three logos from which the state’s Master Gardeners were asked to choose. A total of 1,200 votes were made, and the winning logo came away with 52 percent of those votes.

The winning logo, known as the “state” logo, “includes the most important aspects of our program: a tree/plant rooted firmly in Iowa soils and the hand of the volunteers that give this program strength,” said Cynthia Haynes, Master Gardener professor-in-charge and ISU Extension horticulture specialist.

Banners, signs, apparel and other materials will be transitioning to the new logo and visual identity in 2011, but Master Gardeners are still encouraged to wear their old logos with pride. Previous logos included the "basket" logo (1980-98) and "window pane" logo (1998-2011).

About Iowa Master Gardener program
The Master Gardener program is a volunteer service training program of ISU Extension in which adults are given advanced training in horticulture in exchange for volunteer service to the community. The Iowa Master Gardener program has more than 3,000 volunteers statewide.

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[IMAGE] Hi-res version of the new logo (JPG)