Iowa Learning Farms to Host Strip-till Field Day Oct. 23

AMES, Iowa — Iowa Learning Farms will host a strip-tillage field day at the Robert Lynch farm near Gilmore City on Tuesday, Oct. 23, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. With today’s high fuel prices, cash rents and land costs, there has never been a better time to explore reduced tillage options. Attend the field day to see how strip-tillage works and learn from local farmers who are experienced with this practice.

Strip-tillage marries the best aspects of conventional tillage with the benefits of no-till. Before planting (fall post-harvest, or spring pre-plant) a strip-tillage implement creates strips of tilled soil. Surface residue is left undisturbed between the tilled strips. In the spring, corn or soybeans are planted into the tilled soil strips, which warm and dry faster than the rest of the field, making this system ideal for some Iowa soil types. Landowners and farmers should see better water infiltration, improved soil structure, and potential for reduced fuel, machinery and other crop input costs with the implementation of strip-tillage.

Hear from Robert Lynch and son Jay as well as Mark Thompson who have been practicing strip-tillage for some time. They will share their experiences using this conservation tillage practice. The field day is free and the public is invited. A complimentary lunch is included.

The field day site is located at the Robert Lynch farm, 809 Southeast D Ave., Gilmore City. From Highway 3 just east of Gilmore City, turn south onto Birch Avenue and go 1/4 mile. Turn west on to Southeast D Avenue. The farm is 1/2 mile from Birch Avenue on the north side of the road.