Apply Now for Iowa STEM Scale Up Programs

AMES, Iowa – The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council announced last week the call for applications to participate in the STEM Scale Up programs. School teachers, youth organization leaders, informal education professionals and other organizations delivering STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) educational programs can apply to bring one or more of 12 specially selected programs into a club or classroom this fall.

The 12 STEM Scale Up programs will be distributed through Iowa’s STEM regional hubs. Iowa State University is the North Central Network Hub.

“The Scale Up programs offer kids hands-on experiences in math, science, technology and engineering right in their community,” said Jay Staker with Iowa State and the North Central regional hub. “This initiative makes it possible for areas of the state that may not have had STEM programming before due to lack of resources or lack of awareness to have access to programs like the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa, FIRST LEGO League and HyperStream.”  Iowa State University serves as the Hub for the North Central region but also will be supporting all the hubs in the initiative, fulfilling the land-grant mission. Several Scale Up programs – FIRST LEGO League, Science and Technology Fair, HyperStream and PEERS – have Iowa State University affiliations.

Staker said the 12 Scale Up programs span elementary, middle and high school levels. Many can be implemented during the school day, while several others are best suited for before or after-school programs. Costs are borne by the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council for selected applicants. No cost sharing is required in the first year. Eligible educators will work closely with the regional manager to scale up programs within their regions.

Application Deadline is Sept. 14
Applications for the Scale Up programs must be submitted online by the Sept. 14, 2012 deadline. Applications and details are available at The Scale-Up programs will be awarded to local educators, both formal and informal, on a competitive basis. Those educators selected to receive programming will be notified by Oct. 1, 2012 and can implement the programming immediately this fall.

The Iowa STEM Network is centered on six STEM regional network hubs, lead by a regional manager. The regional managers are charged with disseminating STEM programming, increasing STEM awareness and building education, business and community partnerships. The creation of the STEM Network and the ability to offer a menu of STEM programs to educators that would immediately impact children across the state are the first major actions of the one-year-old Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, a public-private partnership whose overarching goal is to create greater student achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and a stronger STEM workforce.

The Scale Up Programs application, a map of Iowa’s six STEM Regions, contact information for the STEM Regional Managers and a list of the 12 Scale Ups can be found at