2014 Odyssey of the Mind World Finals Come to Ames, Iowa State

2014 Odyssey of the Mind World FinalsAMES, Iowa -- The Odyssey of the Mind World Finals return to Ames and Iowa State University May 28-31. It’s the eighth time Ames and Iowa State have hosted this international event that brings together students from different cultures and widely varying economic backgrounds to prove that creativity is universal.

More than 800 teams will participate in events designed to enhance creative short-term and long-term problem solving in a fun, friendly and competitive learning environment. These 8,000 young people, elementary school through college age, already have successfully competed at state, regional and national levels.

In addition, 400 officials, coaches and judges, and more than 7,000 family members will accompany the students to Ames. In total, more than 15,000 people will take part in the international event.

“The Odyssey of the Mind World Finals will be taking place in auditoriums, classrooms and gymnasiums throughout campus, as well as the ballrooms in the Memorial Union,” said Shawne Ungs, communications manager with the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“Many of the visitors will be staying in the residence halls and using campus dining centers. They also will have activities and events throughout the Iowa State Center complex, including their opening ceremony on Wednesday evening and their closing ceremony on Saturday evening in Hilton Coliseum,” Ungs said.

The youth teams have worked throughout the school year solving an Odyssey of the Mind problem and were judged as the most creative in a series of rigorous competitions. At Iowa State, the teams will represent their state and country, hoping to prove that they are the world’s most creative problem-solvers. Odyssey of the Mind has teams throughout the United States and in 12 other countries including China, South Korea, India, Japan, Russia, Poland, Germany, Singapore and Mexico.  

They will come with interesting costumes, original stage sets and innovative inventions and be judged on their creativity and risk-taking in solving an Odyssey problem. The problems can have multiple solutions, so students must incorporate a variety of knowledge and interests into their solutions, such as math, history, art, music, science, acrobatics, athletics and robotics.

Information about the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals and the event schedule can be found at www.visitames.com/worldfinals2014.

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