4-H Clubs and Leaders

Appanoose County Cooking Club - County Wide - Michele Burge

B.V. Sodbusters - Centerville Area : Marcy Thamke and Jack McGrann

Caldwell Kids - Centerville Area:  Angela Beals

Dandy Doers - Centerville Area : Jill Zintz, Robin Schmidt and Shari Witt

Exline Ramblers - Exline Area : Shawn Tait and Jodie McCoy

Franklin Farmhands - Seymour Area : Craig Sebolt, Andrea Heesch and Justin Keller

Lincoln Homesteaders - Centerville Area : Shannon Wells, Donna Cox and Steve Logsdon

M&M Pioneers - Centerville Area : Mark and Myra McGill and Bill and Tracy Morris

Moravia Farmhands - Moravia Area : Heather Maletta and Yvonne Johnson

Pleasant Workers - Cincinnati Area : Sabrina Wells and Lydia Mihalovich

Stall Stompers - Moulton Area - Susan Martsching and Moncia Risher

T&C Trailblazers - Centerville Area : Michele Burge, Barb Powers and Paula Harvey

Wells Rustlers - Moulton Area : Jerilyn Inman and Jerald and Judy Lawson and John Clausen

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