Local Day Camp Opportunities

Summer Day Camps
All camps are $5.00 per day
"The fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the4H Youth Development County Extension Program."
June 23-24   Lights, Camera, Cooking        Grades 4th-6th
This camp includes fun, new and challenging hand-on experiences where participants will learn basic food preparation, presentation skills, several new recipes that they will make and serve, and much  more!  They will also learn video and script writing techniques that they will use to actually film their own cooking show!
July 10-11Shake Things UpGrades 3rd-5th
Participants construct shake tables to test their own structures.  They will use a special earthquake magnitude meter to standardize the degree of shaking that they test on their shake tables.
July 17-18DinosaursGrades K-2nd
The Dinosaur Science Camp involves traveling back to years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  We explore fossils that were left behind, learn about paleontologists and dig up some dinosaur bones!
July 28-29Magicians LaboratoryGrades 1st-3rd
This camp involves writing with invisible ink, learning the secret behind the famous tablecloth trick, and discovering many fantastic magic tricks and famous magicians.  We’ll explore gravity, reactions, optical illusions and learn about the cools science behind magic!
Aug. 4th-5thTo The RescueGrades 3rd-5th
The focus of this camp is the protect, display and communicate functions of packages as they       design and aid drop package.  Participants will need to be sure that the supplies inside are not damaged, the package is easy to see when is lands and the package lets people know what is inside!
All camps will take place at the First Baptist Church, 603 W. State Street, Centerville
Appanoose County ISU Extension Office
501 N. 12th Street, Suite 4, Centerville, IA 
Phone:  641-856-3885
Email:  cchapman@iastate.edu
If accommodations are needed, contact the Extension Office one week prior to camp!

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